Make your Air Conditioning Blow Colder with CerBond HVAC Treatment

With the summertime coming up on us quickly here in Texas, we hear questions every day about automotive air conditioning.  It’s pretty easy and obvious to know when your Air Conditioning isn’t working at all, but what if it just doesn’t seem cold enough?  Here at Richardson’s Auto Care, we have finally found a way to get an extra 10-15 degrees of cooling out of your Air Conditioning system – CerBond HVAC Treatment.

In our many years in business, we have seen plenty of tricks and additives that are “supposed to” improve any aspect of your car’s performance, and so we’re quite skeptical.  However, in the last year of testing with CerBond HVAC Treatment, we have seen a reduction of 10-15 degrees in air temperature coming out of the vents on nearly every car we have treated.  CerBond is a synthetic ceramic substance that is injected into your A/C system with the refrigerant.  The ceramic particles penetrate the surface of your system’s metal components and become a hard, smooth, glass-like coating.  This smooth coating on the chamber of your compressor increases sealing while reducing friction, to allow your A/C compressor to pump more efficiently.  Also, the ceramic coating formed inside your evaporator and condensor reduce excessive oil buildup, to increase thermal transfer through these components.

What does this all mean to you?  It means colder air from your vents and smoother, quieter operation of your A/C system.  On household Air Conditioning systems, the increased efficiency also means lower electric bills every month.  Contact Richardson’s Auto Care or today to find out how to have CerBond installed in your system.

Richardson’s Auto Care
11170 Ables Lane
Dallas, TX 75229
(972) 243-1204

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